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  • Law in the Time of COVID-19
    Published in the March, 2021 Washington State Bar News How I ditched my office but maintained my solo practice For the majority of my 30-year career as a lawyer, licensed in three jurisdictions, I have been a proud solo practitioner. As a solo, I have enjoyed the freedom to adapt my practice to my life, … Read more
  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information related to family law in King County
    During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak our law office will remain open virtually and we are available by telephone, email or videoconference to all existing and new clients. We will be as immediately responsive as possible. The last few months have been stressful and difficult for all of us as the reality of the pandemic continues … Read more
  • Dying without a will – two bad ideas
    Estate Planning 101 Obviously, we have no control over our death. We do, however, have control over the expression of our wishes and a well drafted set of estate planning documents can avoid a lot of expense and confusion for the people you leave behind. What happens if I die without a will?   If … Read more
  • Taxation of Foreign Investors (Part 1)
    Q: My Dad’s friend in India just gave me a million dollars to start a technology company, what do I now? If you have been in the US for any length of time, the first thing you or your friends might suggest is that you need to form a Limited Liability Company, commonly known as … Read more
  • What is Spousal Maintenance?
    Often known in some states as “spousal support” or “alimony”, spousal maintenance is money paid by one spouse to another upon separation or divorce. Spousal maintenance is not the same as child support; it is meant to support the spouse. However, a court could look at existing child support obligations as a factor in determining … Read more
  • Divorce in plain English
    The legal system can seem confusing to non-lawyers. Laws and legal documents based on those laws are drafted using legal terms and language that is known mostly only to lawyers or legal professionals. In this article I explain in plain English some legal terms relating to divorce. Divorce = Dissolution In the State of Washington … Read more
  • Save money in legal fees – forewarned is forearmed
    As a client you want your attorney to give you the best quality representation for a price that doesn’t break the bank. Being a smart consumer about your legal services can help you cut your costs. In this article I discuss how you can maximize the value of legal services provided by your lawyer. “How … Read more
  • Issues facing separating couples: When to represent yourself
    When should you attempt to go through the divorce process without an attorney? Two key questions you have to ask yourself are: Are you aware of what the outstanding issues are? Are you and your spouse in agreement about all these issues? If the answer to both questions is yes, you may be in a … Read more
  • Affordable divorce in Washington: Unbundled Legal Services
    For many separating couples, the emotional trauma of actual separation is further complicated by the potentially devastating economic consequences of splitting one house into two. Add large legal bills to this situation and you have one reason why many couples are actually choosing to stay together purely for economic reasons. How is it practically feasible … Read more
  • Preparing for end-of-life: 3 important documents
    No one wants to think about catastrophic illnesses or end of life issues. But for your care givers and loved ones, a set of simple documents can be prepared to avoid confusion about what you would want to do medically should you become unable to speak for yourself. In this article I discuss three types of … Read more
  • Keeping divorce costs down: Agree to agree (if you can)
    Much has been reported in the press about couples staying together because they cannot afford a divorce. Often times, with little or negative equity in the house and mounting debts, the prospect of paying large lawyer’s fees for a divorce is an unacceptable one for unhappy couples who would prefer to separate if they could … Read more
  • What to do if your spouse asks for a divorce
    Your husband or wife has told you “I want a divorce.” You are now faced with the question, what do you do next? The time during which a couple is faced with the possibility of a divorce is an emotional one: fraught with tension, sadness and often anger. It can be difficult to see the … Read more
  • Parental rights in Washington: Parenting Plans defined
    The biggest issue facing separating couples with children in Washington State is, or at least should be, a determination of what is in the best interests of the children. The document that outlines where and with whom the children live, and what their schedules will be with each parent, is called a Parenting Plan. A … Read more