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Family law issues are highly personal and often stressful. Anjilvel Law is a Seattle family law firm handling a full range of family law matters including setting up premarital agreements, filing for a separation or divorce, preparing child custody/parenting plan documents, and calculating child support. This is a complex area of law to negotiate, and you deserve an attorney who will serve you with sensitivity to your needs and concerns.

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Managing legal expenses in a divorce

Keeping costs down during the divorce process involves understanding the process and what the issues are, and trying to reach an agreement on issues wherever possible. Agreeing about issues with a spouse with whom you are separating is difficult for many people. There are extreme cases where one spouse will never agree to what is fair. But no matter how contentious and bitter a separation may be at the beginning there is a middle ground that can often be reached through negotiation by both parties.

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Grounds for divorce

As a “no fault” state, to get a divorce in Washington you do not need to prove that either spouse did something wrong. A spouse’s wrong-doing or other actions can be relevant in deciding issues relating to custody, visitation, and sometimes division of property, but in terms of the dissolution of the marriage itself fault is never an issue.

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