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Terms of Hire

No attorney/client relationship is established with our firm or any attorney in our firm until or unless we are formally hired to represent you in a specific legal matter. Consultation meetings between you and our firm held prior to formally hiring us and for which you pay a consultation fee are informational only and do not create an attorney/client relationship between us.

The following must be completed in order to hire our firm and thus create an attorney/client relationship:

  1. The Anjilvel Law Group must expressly agree to provide representation on your behalf in a specific legal matter,
  2. You must review, sign, and return our Agreement for Legal Representation, and
  3. You must pay the agreed Advance Fee Deposit.

Until we are formally hired, you are not protected by attorney/client privilege and you should not expect that our firm or any attorney in our firm will take any action on your behalf with respect to your legal matter.

I look forward to working with you!

– Sunitha Anjilvel