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Estate Law issues can be difficult to think about, but are highly important to the well-being of those that we leave behind. Anjilvel Law is pleased to provide a range of services for your estate planning needs. We work with you to accomplish your unique goals through a  personalized estate plan. We draft wills, complex trusts, including special needs trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives.

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Why do I need a will?

Without a will, the state’s procedures for dividing up your property may cause complications for those you leave behind, and may not reflect how you feel your estate should be distributed.

Learn more about Washington’s guidelines for dividing estates without a will

How do I prepare for end-of-life health issues?

For your care givers and loved ones, a set of simple documents can be prepared to avoid confusion about what you would want to do medically should you become unable to speak for yourself. These documents can establish how you want to deal with end-of-life issues, appoint trusted individuals to make healthcare decisions in the case of your inability to do so, and share your end-of-life wishes with your healthcare provider.

Learn more about preparing for end-of-life decision making

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